Andrew Unger to Perform at Grey Cup Half Time Show


With just days left until the Grey Cup, organizers still had yet to announce the half time show. Well, the wait is over as, apparently, Daily Bonnet author Andrew Unger will be reading his unique brand of fake news stories at the show.

“Yeah, well, he was the only act we could afford,” said Grey Cup organizer Gord Dueck. “Plus, he doesn’t require strobe lights or fireworks or anything. Not even any backup dancers.”

Also on the bill is Mennonite Elvis tribute artist Corny Rempel who will sing a Plautdietsch version of “Blue Suede Shoes” and renowned author Rudy Wiebe who will regale audiences with a reading from Peace Shall Destroy Many.

“It is going to be the most budget-friendly half time show The Nylons did the Lions Sleeps Tonight back in 1996,” said Dueck. “I’m especially looking forward to Unger reading the one about the Friesen-Friesen wedding. That one always gets laughs.”

This is the second time a Mennonite performer has been tasked with performing at the Grey Cup half time. The other was, of course, the guys from Nickelback in 2011.

(photo credit: MaryLou Driedger

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