We Need Your Help to Solve This Mennonite Mystery at the Museum (This is real)

Just yesterday, Brenda Suderman, renowned Winnipeg writer and quilt expert, was in Halifax, Nova Scotia at the Canadian Museum of Immigration. Well, one exhibit asked visitors to reflect on their own family history and immigration story. The board asked the question: “What are some of the customs and traditions that you take part in?”

Brenda quickly added her two cents: “Knipsbrat and knackzoat” she wrote and added it to the wall. Then, lo and behold, she noticed the paper right below her’s. “Faspa and spaziering.” (Light lunch and chatting). Ha. Ha! For real!

So, here’s where we need your help. These notes are not signed, and I assume the museum takes them down every day or so. So, let’s see if we can use the power of the Internet to figure out who wrote that second message.

Know any Russian Mennonites (those who might be familiar with faspa and spaziering) who’ve been in Halifax lately, specifically at the Canadian Museum of Immigration? Maybe it’s you! I’m confident we can solve this mystery!

Also, a couple photos of Mennonites at this museum.

Thanks, Brenda!


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