Winkler Man Racks Up $5 Million in Roaming Charges After Venturing into Morden


Local man Dave Sawatzky was shocked when he received his phone bill this month, which tallied up to a whopping $5.2 million, all due to a quick afternoon trip to Morden.

“I thought nothing of it when I got that roaming notification,” said Sawatzky. “I mean, of course, I’m roaming. I’m in Morden, aren’t I?”

Unfortunately for Sawatzky, his trip to check out the rival thrift store and go for a couple pints at Rendezvous proved to be expensive.

“I guess I crossed a border or something,” said Sawatzky. “I should never have ventured past the Boundary Trails Health Centre.”

Sawatzky has had to mortgage his farm just to make payments on the bill.

“I also had to sell my entire collection of seed company caps,” said Sawatzky. “Thankfully that paid off half my debt.”

Sawatzky says he has no intentions of fighting the charge, as that’s just the price you pay for visiting Morden.

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