New ‘Import Store’ to Sell Bland Canadian Food in Mexico


Inspired by all the Mexican import stores that have peppered the Canadian prairies, local entrepreneur Lenny Wiens has decided to return the favour and “bring the flavourless wonders of Canada” to the Mennonite colonies of Mexico.

“Sometimes when you’re down in Mexico, you just crave a nice boiled potato, you know?” said Wiens. “Oh sure they’ll sell you some bland food in Mexico if you ask for it, but it’s “Mexican bland”, not the real bland that Canadians have come to know and love.”

The store will feature such exciting Canadian products as puffed wheat, white bread, and Klik.

“We’ve also got several dozen raisin buns imported straight from Grunthal, Manitoba,” said Wiens. “But I’ve got to warn you. You’ve got to work yourself up to that level of blandness.”

Wiens says not every Mexican Mennonite can handle the total lack of flavour in this Canadian food.

“But I’m hoping the more adventurous folks will give it a try,” said Wiens. “This lack of spiciness is not for everyone, but I’m hopeful we’ll have more than a few customers.”

Folks wanting a taste of “back home in Canada” or those who are just looking for “a daring new level of blandness” can visit the store at the grand opening this week. Expect to pay Canadian prices.

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