Mennonite Man Moves Back and Forth Between Canada and Mexico a Record 37 Times in a Single Week


Local man John Wiebe has just set a new Mennonite migration record by moving back and forth between Mexico and Canada 37 times in a single week.

“I started in Winker on Monday morning and was in Campo Tres B by noon, then back in La Crete by mid-afternoon and back again in Mexico by midnight,” said Wiebe. “And that was just day one. It’s a lot of packing but, you know, a Mennonite never sleeps.”

Wiebe said he quickly grew dissatisfied with the hot sauce available in northern Alberta and was back on the next plane to Chihuahua.

“By mid-week I realized I was on pace to smash David Thiessen’s record of 23 moves in a single week,” said Wiebe. “But I get it, that was back in the 50s and I’d be hard-pressed to move more than 30 times in a week with whatever primitive modes of transportation they had back then.”

Wiebe plans to move a few more times next week, although his wife Tina is getting fed up.

“Jauma, pick a country, Johan,” said Tina. “I don’t care where it is. They’re both not bad, but make up your mind once!”

The couple plans to settle in Canada for a while where they intend to move back and forth between Leamington, Taber, and Winkler.

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