New Reports Claims Children Just Faking It, Most Absolutely Love Broccoli and Brussels Sprouts


A new Health Canada study shows that kids have been fooling us the entire time. According to research, Canadian children report broccoli, brussels sprouts, and green peppers among their absolute favourite foods.

“It seems we’ve been duped by those sneaky kindergarteners,” said health expert Melissa Johansen. “All along they’ve just been pretending not to like vegetables so that we’d force them to eat it. It’s all an act.”

Johansen claims to have been observing young children for many months and found that most of the time when they appeared to spit out their olives or hide their cauliflower in the napkin, they actually were just saving it for later.

“We found children with huge hidden stashes of raw vegetables in their rooms,” said Johansen. “Mushrooms, beets, asparagus – you name it. We even found an entire drawer full of bean sprouts.”

The study also showed that pizza, Oreos, and Kraft Dinner with bits of hot dog were among the children’s least favourite items.

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