Tupperware Rep Finds Lucrative New Side Hustle


Local Tupperware rep Anne Barkman has seen such an uptick in demand as of late that the 30-year-old mother-of-6 has decided to expand her line of products.

“I was walking through the MCC the day and eureka! I found an affordable new line of products,” said Barkman. “I just know my customers will appreciate the more frugal option.”

Barkman stocked up on various plastic receptacles, which she plans to offer at an upcoming party in Susan Peters’s living room this Thursday morning.

“It was about time the Tupperware company offered something for folks on a fixed income … and Mennonites,” said Barkman. “I think I may have just discovered a way to double my revenue.”

Barkman plans to raid thrift stores across the region and re-sell well-rinsed Beatrice sour cream containers for a modest profit.

“I don’t think the thrift store people know how much these things go for,” said Barkman, No Name Vanilla ice cream pails in hand. “I think they can’t compete since I’m giving away a free Becel lid to every attendee at my party.”

Mrs. Barkman’s Tupperware party will also feature a delightful snack of lard-covered saltine crackers and Earl Grey made from well-used tea bags.

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