Thousands Gather in Winnipeg for Wite-Out Party


Streets are closed for several blocks surrounding the South Kildonan EMB Church this weekend as thousands are expected to gather for the first annual Wite-Out Party.

“We’re correcting all the errors in the church bulletin,” said event organizer Melissa Poetker. “It should take us several hours … depending on how many people show up.”

According to Poetker, Mennonite church bulletins often need a bit of correcting.

“We’ve got mistakes on the Sunday School schedule or who’s on for faspa clean-up this week,” said Mrs. Poetker. “Not to mention all the egregious errors in Pastor Dave’s theology.”

Poetker says that once all the bulletin errors are fixed, they’re going to sit around and paint their nails.

“It’s much more economical,” said Poetker, showing off her nail-painting technique. “Plus this way the elders can’t accuse of using nail polish.”

Poetker says she’s really hoping The Unger Review starts publishing a print version someday, so she and her friends can wite-out all the typos.

(photo credit: JB/CC)

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