Steinbach Man Fined for Obstructed View; Everyone Thinks It’s Satire


When Steinbach Online reported earlier today about a local man who was stopped by the RCMP this week for driving with his entire windshield covered in snow, everyone thought they were just reading one of those fake news articles by Andrew Unger yet again.

“Ugh, I spent all day responding to phone calls on that one,” said Steinbach Online reporter Shannon Dueck. “Everyone thought it was satire.”

For satirist Andrew Unger, this was yet another example of why he calls Steinbach home.

“You can’t make stuff like this up,” said Unger. “Well you can actually … and I have. But it’s nice to see that sometimes people are stupid all on their own. They don’t always need my assistance.”

To close observers of Steinbach driving habits, the snow-covered windshield came as no surprise.

“Quite frankly, I think this dude’s probably one of the safer drivers in town,” said area woman Carol Enns. “At least he probably uses his turn signal.”

It also came as no surprise that the asshat with the snow-covered car was driving a BMW.

(photo credit: Daniel/CC)

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