Child With Eyes Open During Prayer Spots Child With Eyes Open During Prayer


Lisa Plett, 7, of Mitchell had her eyes open during the pre-faspa prayer this Sunday just long enough to spot her cousins Timmy, Susie, and Anne, who also had their eyes open.

“Mom! Susie had her eyes open and Timmy reached for a pickle!” shouted Lisa, just as soon as Onkel Peter was finished with the prayer. “I don’t think Anne had her hands folded for even a second!”

Lisa’s parents immediately inquired as to how it was that she obtained this information if her own eyes were closed the entire time.

“Well, I, ummm,” stammered Lisa. “Someone’s got to keep an eye on the cousins.”

Lisa’s cousins also claimed they had their eyes opened to keep a check on her.

“I just got the idea from Onkel Peter in church,” said Timmy. “Every time the pastor says, ‘with all heads bowed and all eyes closed,’ he peaks to see who puts up their hand!”

Onkel Peter denied this behaviour, saying he was just keeping track of oola Friesen to make sure he doesn’t steal from the offering plate.

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