Ken Ham and Kent Hovind to Guest Star in Series Finale of ‘The Big Bang Theory’


Stars of the literal 6-day creationist world will square off against a bunch of fictional physicists in the series finale of hit sitcom ‘The Big Bang Theory’ later this year.

“We’re so excited to have Ken and Kent join us this season!” said ‘Big Bang Theory’ star Jim Parsons. “In our final episode, we plan to settle this whole big bang debate once and for all!”

Ken Ham and Kent Hovind have been known across the state of Tennessee and in small towns in other states as well, for their vigorous defence of their particular interpretation of Scripture and/or science. This is the first time either one of them will debate a fictional character…other than that one debate with Bill Nye the Science Guy.

“Real scientists always turn us down,” said Ham. “I’m glad to see Sheldon Cooper is not as afraid to debate as Richard Dawkins always seems to be!”

Ken and Kent plan to use their very best evidence, the ergonomic shape of a banana, to defeat the characters on ‘Big Bang Theory.’

The episode, which airs later this year, will be completely scripted, which Ken and Kent claim is yet even more evidence of intelligent design. Meanwhile the cast of ‘Big Bang Theory’ are claiming that the script just exploded into existence from nothing billions of years ago.

(photo credit: wikipedia/CC)

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