Skeptical Mennonite Man Refuses to Eat Sausage Because He “Doesn’t Know What’s In It”


Like most Mennonite men, local man Jack Fehr treats his body like a temple and refuses to put anything into it until he’s researched the full list of ingredients. This healthy skepticism has led Mr. Fehr to eschew even his favourite formaworscht until the butcher gives him a complete list of what’s in there.

“Let’s face it. We really don’t know what’s in this farmer sausage, now do we?” said Fehr from his Linden home. “I’m a pretty trusting fellow, but I simply can’t abide any more of this worscht until I know everything that goes in there yet.”

Fehr is especially interested to know how much salt and pepper the butcher uses and what type of wood he uses in the smoker.

“I can tell these are natural casings, but what’s inside there could be absolutely anything!” exclaimed Fehr. “I demand to see the full recipe!”

Local butcher Allan Klassen says he’s not going to divulge his farmer sausage recipe as he’s had suspicions Mr. Fehr was trying to start a competing farmer sausage company for decades.

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