Fred Penner and Al Simmons to Square Off in World Heavyweight Title


Popular local children’s entertainers Fred Penner and Al Simmons will square off this fall to determine the World Heavyweight Champion.

“I’ve got a lot of beefing up to do before then,” said Juno Award-winning Simmons. “But I think it’ll all be worth it to finally determine once and for all which Manitoba children’s performer is the best boxer.”

Penner and Simmons began playing together in the mid-70s with the folk group Kornstock and, since then, have both gone on to become world-renowned family entertainers. It is still not known, however, which of them is the better boxer.

“I hear Vegas is giving Penner 5:3 odds,” said Simmons. “Well I think a lot of people will be surprised with my killer left hook.”

Penner says he can match Simmons’ left hook with his powerful uppercut.

“We’re hoping that CBC will air the match sometime after Sesame Street,” said Penner. “That way the whole country will see that I can still float like a butterfly and sting like a bee.”

(photo credit: by KWDesigns/CC)

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