Local Man Petrified of Vaccine Tells Everyone to “Stop Living in Fear”


Local anti-vaxxer, Mr. Miller of Toronto, has a message for everyone on his Facebook feed: “Stop living in fear!”

Miller, who is absolutely terrified of what might happen if he ever might get a vaccine, thinks everyone who believes in the existence of the coronavirus is a “sheeple” and is living in fear.

“Think for yourself! Don’t just believe what the government and George Soros tell you,” said Miller in a recent Facebook post. “Instead, believe whatever’s in this video I just clicked on on YouTube!”

Miller is losing sleep at night thinking about what the government and Bill Gates might try to do us, but thinks it’s everyone else who’s living in fear.

“You’ve got it all wrong! I’m not a fearful man,” said Miller, holed up in deep dark room in his mother’s basement. “I’m simply using my critical thinking skills and standing up for my rights that I’m very scared–I mean “concerned”– are being stripped away from us one by one. It’s everyone else who is fearful! I’m the brave one!”

Miller says you’d have be an “absolute sucker” to trust one of those government vaccines and is also really scared that the Daily Bonnet might be in on it, too.

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