Mennonite Man Baptized a Third Time Just to Make Sure


The term anabaptist, literally meaning “rebaptizer” is generally regarded as a misnomer in the 21st century since most members of the group are only ever baptized once as adults. However, a particularly pious man in Altona, Manitoba underwent his third baptism on Sunday out of concern that the other two just weren’t quite good enough.

“I guess you could say I’m an ana-anabaptist,” said Charles Peters, 32, as he dried his hair with a towel. “I just like to have it done once a decade or so. It’s like renewing your vows.”

Peters also claims that he takes a shower once a week whether he needs it or not. Any longer and he feels, “icky” he claims. Baptism, he says, is similar.

“The first time I was ten, and then I hit puberty and, well, you know how that goes–needless to say, after my teenage years, I needed to get washed again,” explained Peters. “Then I went to college, read Kant, drank a beer and, well, after all that it was time to do it again.”

His next baptism is planned for the year 2026, at which point he will be an ana-ana-anabaptist and, officially break the record for the most baptized man on the planet.

(Photo credit:  by journeyguy/CC)

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