“Hymn 606 is Over-rated,” Declares Mennonite Hipster


Tyson Hendrix-Wiebe, a 22-year-old CMU student, caused quite a stir on social media this week after declaring Hymn 606 to be “like, totally, over-rated.”

“All those people who claim they like 606 are just posers,” said Hendrix-Wiebe, sipping a Devil May Care craft beer. “Alexis Brandt, for example. She only likes 606 because it showcases her vocal talents. But, you know, she really doesn’t actually ‘get it’ the way I do.”

Hendrix-Wiebe also claims he liked Hymn 606 “before it was cool,” such as way way back in 2013.

“606 took off after it appeared in one of the Marvel movies,” explained Hendrix-Wiebe, stroking his beard. “If it wasn’t for that, none of these supposed fans would even know about it.”

Hendrix-Wiebe says he used to sing Hymn 606 a lot, but now that it’s popular, he’s going to cease immediately.

“It’s just not the same anymore,” says Hendrix-Wiebe. “It’s really too bad. It’s not the hymn I hate, it’s the fans.”

Meanwhile, Hendrix-Wiebe is working on “a sick new dubstep version of 606,” that will make it cool again by its sheer awfulness.

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