Salt Lake City NHL Team Unveils New Uniforms


Just days after announcing that the struggling Arizona Coyotes would be relocating to Salt Lake City for next season, the Utah-based team has already unveiled their snazzy new uniforms.

“We’ve got winger Clayton Keller and teammate Nick Schmaltz modelling the new threads,” said SLC spokesperson Matt Romney. “They’re even going door-to-door for a few days to break-in the new jerseys.”

The team uniforms feature black slacks, a short-sleeved white dress shirt, and some really hip-looking backpacks. Plus the prominent name and number on the back of the jersey will be replaced with a more subtle magnetic name-tag. Most difficult for the players, however, will be adapting to the new haircuts.

“Looks like the mullet will have to go,” said Keller. “That’s okay, I guess. My girlfriend didn’t really like it anyway.”

The team store is already well-stocked with the new Salt Lake City NHL jerseys as Romney initially anticipated huge demand from fans.

“Shockingly, we don’t have a lot of pre-orders,” said Romney. “Seems like everyone’s already got one at home.”

In response to the new Salt Lake City jerseys, the Winnipeg Jets are planning on asking all their players to grow a beard and wear suspenders for the remainder of the season.

(photo credit: by versageek/CC)

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