Now that Grandma’s Passed, the Hieberts Can Finally Stop Having So Many Family Gatherings


Although nothing has been officially decided, it’s quite clear from the sense of relief that has swept over the Hiebert clan, that we won’t be having another Hiebert gathering anytime soon. Now that Grandma’s gone the Hieberts feel there isn’t really any reason to get together anymore.

“We were only having gatherings because she liked to see us all together as a family,” said Carol Hiebert, 42. “If one good thing has come out of Mom’s passing, it’s that I won’t have to see my obnoxious cousin Jake and his family nearly so often.”

While Mom was still alive, the Hieberts were compelled to gather for Christmas, Easter, Thanksgiving, as well as a few collective birthday parties scattered throughout the year and a torturous weekend at the lake every summer.

“I’m sure glad that’s all over with now,” said Carol. “I could never be myself around those people. I was forcing myself to smile just to make Grandma happy. I always had to put on my Hiebert face.”

While a few Hieberts are still clinging to the possibility of at least having a Christmas gathering sometime in early December or late January, so far no one has committed to coming.

“I ain’t guaranteeing anything. We’ll see how it goes,” said Carol. “But I think I’m probably in Cancun or something that weekend.”

Now that Grandma’s gone, many of the Hieberts have also been relieved from the heavy burden of having to show up to church once in a while.

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