Bart Simpson Calls Moe’s Tavern to Ask for ‘Anita Dyck’


A rare out-take from Season 1 of The Simpsons was discovered this week, which revealed a prank call that was just a little too risque to air in the early 90s.

“Hello, can I speak to Anita, please?” said Bart Simpson to hapless Moe the Bartender. “First name Anita. Last name Dyck.”

Moe then blurted out “Anita Dyck!” which caused considerable laughter for patrons of the bar.

“Unfortunately, it was too edgy even for Fox in those days,” said show creator Matt Groening, “and it was lost on the cutting room floor.”

Groening, whose father Homer was a Low German-speaking Mennonite from Saskatchewan, regrets the lost opportunity to share his culture with the world.

“There are some essential aspects to Mennonite culture,” explained Groening. “There’s farmer sausage, of course, and Low German, but I think it’s the Dyck jokes that truly unite us all.”

Also on the cutting room floor are moments where Bart asks Moe for Dick Harder, Harry Peters, and I.P. Fast.

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