Mennonite Man Has to Read Every Single Freakin’ Word at the Museum


Local man Mr. Unger decided to torture his children this week by making them go to the museum this week and read every single last sign in the entire place.

“We’ve got to get our money’s worth,” said Mr. Unger, who arrived at the museum as it opened at ten. “Just think of all the learning those kids are missing out on!”

The kids, meanwhile, rushed over to the dinosaurs and giant ship and didn’t read a single thing written on the wall.

“Diewel, those kids!” exclaimed Mr. Unger. “It’s like they’ve come here to look at stuff and not to read or something.”

Mr. Unger plans to read all the writing on all the displays over the course of the next month or so and expects his one day admission fee will more than cover the cost.

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