Local Man Still Has ‘Menno’s Reins’ Theme Song Stuck in His Head


After numerous screenings of the classic ‘Menno’s Reins’ in youth group back in the 70s, local man Peter Toews still has the theme song stuck in his head more than forty years later.

“Every day I wake up singing, ‘Come and listen to the story about some people we all know,'” said Toews. “That song had a real impact on me…plus it’s so dang catchy.”

Every day at coffee break, lunch, and on his way out the building, Toews hums the melody and occasionally picks up this guitar and serenades his co-workers.

“I haven’t heard the song in 40 years, but I still know all the words,” said Toews. “‘Holding Menno Simons’ reins to clear the road!'”

The ‘Menno’s Rein’ theme song, written and performed by Robert Barg, was a hit with local youth groups back in the day and charted just below the Starland Vocal Band’s “Afternoon Delight” on the year-end charts.

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