Mennonite Man Creates His Own ‘Stanley Cup’


Area man Stanley Wolgemuth is capitalizing on the Stanley cup craze by creating one of his own … using only a McDonald’s paper cup, some masking tape, and a little bit of ingenuity.

“When I saw the price those things were going for, I thought, well, Stanley, time to cash in,” said Wolgemuth. “The best thing is my Stanley cups are going for just $60, which is a full 10% cheaper than the ones you get in the store.”

Wolgemuth’s Stanley cups are already a hot commodity in the small Mennonite town of Linden, Alberta.

“I think people like all my customization options,” said Wolgemuth. “You don’t want it to say Stanley on there? Fine, I can make it say Tina, Jake, Klaas, or whatever you’d like.”

Wolgemuth’s Stanley cups also offer customers a wide range of colour options.

“Give me fifteen minutes and access to my daughter’s Crayola set and I can give you any colour you want,” said Wolgemuth. “These Mennonite Stanley cups sure are versatile.”

Wolgemuth says one advantage of his business model is that he’s pretty sure he’s first to the market.

“When I did a Google search for Mennonite Stanley cups,” said Wolgemuth, “all I got was pictures of Jonathan Toews.”

Wolgemuth says his Stanley cups last a good week or two with continual use, although he has not yet tested them to see if they are dishwasher safe.

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