Controversial Politician Supports Mandatory Vacations


A controversial candidate in the Winkler area has come out in favour of mandatory vacations, a plan that shockingly includes vacations even for dairy farmers.

“We have to think of the health of our community,” said area candidate Rudy Plett. “It’s just not right for people to go year after year without vacations at a time like this. I know it’s hard to leave the farm and put your feet up, but that’s what you have schekjbenjels for.”

Plett is also proposing a booster vacation for folks who really need it.

“I haven’t been to Puerto Vallarta in a year and a half,” said Rudy. “If anyone needs a booster vacation it’s me.”

Some folks in the area are opposed to the idea and have erected signs opposing the vacation mandate.

“You can’t force us to take a few days off and inject margaritas into our bodies,” said Mr. Klassen. “I’ve seen many videos that show vacations have all sorts of side effects the mainstream media doesn’t want to talk about!”

The issue has caused divisions in local families and churches between those who are pro-vacation and those who read things really quickly and confuse one word for another.

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