Winnipeg Man Blames the Refs for Every Single Problem in His Life


Local man Darren Wiebe, 58, of North Kildonan just couldn’t see any other way for the Jets’ first round playoff loss than to blame the refs. Wiebe also blames the refs for his failed marriage, the pastor’s lousy sermon on Sunday, and the fact he totally forgot about garbage day and had a bag full of rotting leaves sitting in his garage for an extra week.

“I take no responsibility for my poor performances in life, and neither should the Jets,” said Wiebe. “I mean you should have seen some of those calls!”

Wiebe says the refs have had it in for him–and the Jets–because he’s just so handsome and intimidating…or something like that.

“I think they feel threatened by me. Either that or the refs just don’t want a Mennonite to succeed in life,” explained Wiebe. “I think they’re all probably Lutherans or something.”

Wiebe went on to blame the refs for his poor knipsing at the last church tournament and also claims that if it wasn’t for Gary Bettman he’d be a much happier and more fulfilled individual and would probably even be married to Bertha Loewen by now.

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