New Trump Book Nothing But Reprints of Daily Bonnet Articles


Young anti-Trump liberals across America were shocked and dismayed as they opened their copies of Fire and Fury, supposedly a searing new expose about the Trump White House, to find nothing but reprints of Daily Bonnet articles. Sales of the book were brisk, especially among the 18-35 year old “snowflake” demographic, who were instantly brought to tears by the unexpected content.

“When I read a book about Donald Trump I want nothing but the cold hard facts, not some bullshit made up by some unfunny Mennonite in Canada,” said blogger @hillarywasrobbed. “Plus, why should I pay for what I can read for free on the Daily Bonnet?”

Author Michael Wolff defended his extensive use of Daily Bonnet articles in the Donald Trump book.

“When I research a book, I go to the best sources possible: wikipedia; satire sites; the Hillary campaign. You name it,” said Wolff. “It’s 2018. This is the best we can do. What do you expect? Woodward and Bernstein?”

The book has been hailed as “ground-breaking” in its gratuitous use of fake satirical news and in the absolutely brilliant way it completely confirmed its reader’s biases.

“I give the people what they want to hear,” said Wolff. “That’s what satire…I mean journalism…is all about, right?”

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