Netflix Finally Allows Young People to See that ‘Seinfeld’ is Way Better than ‘Friends’


For the millions of young people too young to really remember the 90s, the chance to finally see Seinfeld has blown more than a few minds.

“Oh my gosh. I can’t believe I was watching Friends all these years,” said 19-year-old Goshen resident Samantha Hershberger. “I finally understand what my old cousins were always talking about. Friends really does suck.”

For Netflix viewers in their teens and twenties, the addition of Seinfeld has been life changing.

“Rather than generic boring characters and plots revolving around inane relationships that I care nothing about,” said Hershberger, “here is a show about nothing. It’s real and it’s spectacular.”

Hershberger quickly discovered another essential aspect of 90s culture.

“At first I thought I could like both shows,” said Hershberger. “But it quickly became evident that I had to choose one over the other. That was an easy decision.”

Now that she’s an authentic 90s girl, Hershberger is going to be forced to choose between Letterman and Leno (Letterman obviously).

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