Mysterious Jars in Cellar Turn Out to Contain Oma’s Delicious Green Bean Soup


The Penners of Blumenort were excited to discover a huge collection of Oma’s delicious Jreen Schaubel Sup in the cellar this past week. The green bean soup had apparently been in there since the early ’90s, but since the labels fell off no one knew what is was.

“We kind of just let it be, since no one dared to open a jar,” said Mr. Penner, 41. “But the kids were playing down there and, you know how Timmy is, well, a hockey puck went sailing and the jars came crashing down.”

The accident turned out to be a blessing in disguise, however, as even Oma herself had lost all hope of every discovering what was in the those jars.

“But when we saw chunks of potato, green beans and farmer sausage go flying, we knew Timmy had hit a home run!” said Mr. Penner. “We’ll be dining like kings for the next month!”

The jars, including a few that were untouched by the incident, are being evenly divided among the family members, and Oma is promising to provide a dollop of sour cream with each jar.

“Jauma! It’s been long time since I’ve had Jreen Schaubel Sup,” said Mr. Penner. It’ll be nice to introduce the kids to my favourite soup! I guess I’ll also have to teach them how to say it.”

The Penner children have reportedly been forced to say ‘Jreen Schaubel Sup’ five times with the proper inflection and accent before being allowed to try some.

(photo credit: Barta IV/CC)

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