Mennonites are Turning their Old Laine Jerseys into Quilts


Moments after the Winnipeg Jets announced they had traded superstar right winter Patrik Laine to some team in Ohio, Mennonite Jets fans began fashioning their old Laine jerseys into quilts.

“Gotta make some use of this old thing,” said local quilter Andrea Peters of North Kildonan. “It was either make a quilt or donate it to the MCC, but I doubt anyone in Winnipeg would buy a Laine jersey anymore… even at MCC prices.”

Andrea is a huge hockey fan and has already fashioned two full truck loads of Laine merch into lovely new quilts for the Peters family.

“Right now I’m working on a Grandma’s Gorgeous and a Crazy Nine Patch,” said Peters. “These Laine jerseys sure are versatile.”

Peters is also thinking of selling the Laine quilts at next year’s fundraising quilt auction.

“As long as I don’t tell anyone it’s an old Laine jersey I should be fine,” said Peters. “It’s taken them thirty years and my cousins in northern Alberta still haven’t been able to unload the old Gretzky quilts they made after he went to the Kings.”

Meanwhile in Holmes County, Ohio, the local Mennonites are super excited about having Laine on their local NHL team, though they’re already petitioning him to regrow his Menno beard.

(photo credit: GlueGunGlory/CC/modified)

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