Mennonite Woman’s ‘Margarine Tarts’ Fail to Impress


Things did not go well at the bake sale on Sunday after Mrs. Penner decided she’d alter a centuries old recipe for Mennonite butter tarts by making them out of margarine.

“Nah, that woman!” said Mrs. Heppner. “Averybody knows you can’t make butter tarts out of margarine! Just disgusting!”

The margarine tarts were initially quite popular, until Isaac Loewen took a bite and realized what was up.

“Ach, margarine!” exclaimed Loewen, chunks of tart flying from his mouth. “What on earth is going on here!”

Mrs. Penner claims she was just trying to be health conscious for once, but everyone agreed they’d rather scratch a few months off their life expectancy rather than consume anymore more of those infernal margarine tarts!

(photo credit: Martin Cathrae/CC)

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