Hash Brownie Recipe Discovered in Antique Mennonite Cookbook


Mennonite Recipes of Lancaster County is thought to be the oldest Swiss Mennonite cookbook in the world. Little was known about the content of the very first edition until now. Recently a rare first printing of the book has surfaced revealing a recipe for “hashish fudge” of all things.

The recipe, submitted by a Mrs. Alice B. Troyer, contains a long list of ingredients including nutmeg, cinnamon, peppercorns, coriander and “two heaping tablespoons of hashish.”

“Not a lot is known about this Mrs. Troyer,” said Mrs. Schrock, who uncovered the recipe, “but it is believed she kept company with some of the most respected church leaders in Lancaster County.”

The cookbook also contains a recommendation from Mrs. Troyer to serve the dish at the ladies quilting bee, where it is sure to bring out “fits of laughter.”

“I’m not sure why the recipe was removed from subsequent editions of the cookbook,” said Mrs. Schrock. “It seems they replaced it with yet another variation of schoofly pie. How original!”

The cookbook was immediately seized by church elders who booked the next flight to Canada so they could try this authentic Mennonite recipe for themselves.

(photo credit: Andy Melton/CC)

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