Mennonite Woman Takes 14 Hours to Bake Cookies that will be Gone in 2 Minutes


Mrs. Erin Koop of Steinbach got up at 5 am this past Saturday to bake a batch of sugar cookies that were gone just seconds after she lay them out to cool.

Diewel! I worked all day on these cookies!” said Koop. “Making the dough, cutting the Christmas tree shapes, baking them, decorating them … and my Arnold wolfed them all down before they’d even cooled down.”

The effort-to-pleasure ratio was way off for Koop, who plans not to put in so many hours next time.

Jauma! If my cookies are going to vanish so fast I might as well pick up a box of Oreos,” said Koop. “I just wish my Arnold would slow down a little bit and let me catch up.”

Koop is apparently unable to bake cookies at the same rapid pace that Arnold consumes them and is expected to appear before the church cookie committee to face charges of Slow Baking, Being Unequally Yoked with a Cookie Glutton, and Even Considering Buying Oreos, Oba Nay!

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