Mennonite Couple Sport Their Very Best Pyjama Pants for Walmart Excursion


Area couple Jack and Martha Wiens decided to “get all decked out” and head over to Walmart this afternoon.

“It took me a while to figure out which pair of pyjama pants to wear,” said Jack, “but that’s only because I was trying to make sure they matched my Crocs.”

Martha, too, picked her baggiest pair of pyjama pants as she schlepped down the aisles of their neighbourhood Walmart.

“We don’t go out very often,” said Martha, “but when we do, we try to dress up a little.”

The Wiens’s attire was immediately noticed by Walmart staff who, naturally, commended the couple on their fine sense of fashion.

“It’s not everyone who wears a nice set of PJ’s like that,” said Walmart manager Dave Hiebert. “I think it’s a bit of a step up from all the folks wearing ill-fitting chest-high sweat pants.”

After spending a full afternoon at Walmart, the Wienses say they’re kind of exhausted and will hibernate at least until Sunday morning when they plan to sport their sweatpants on the auspicious occasion of their grand-daughter’s baptism.

(photo credit: JJBers/CC)

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