Mennonite Woman Has Friesen Toews


After a cold snap in Rosthern, Saskatchewan, Mrs. Anita Friesen has resorted to double and even triple-socking her feet to prevent her Toews from Friesen.

“My Toews Froese Fast,” said Friesen. “They were a Berg or Block this morning, so I quickly put on some socks to prevent them from Friesen any Harder.”

Mrs. Friesen says her husband keeps the house just above Friesen, which is why her Toews almost Froese.

“It just isn’t Fehr,” said Friesen. “I try to stay warm Unger the covers, but it’s like there’s a Wall between us. I suppose my Toews would have Froese, but Loewen behold, I got some thick wool socks to Stoesz nice and warm like a delicious Hamm.”

Mr. Friesen says his wife’s Friesen Toews are none of his concern and if she keeps Groening about it, she’ll have to sleep in the Koop.

“What the Falk do her Toews have to with me?” said Mr. Friesen. “I’ll Brandt you this, her Friesen Toews Froese far too Fast.”

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