Mennonite Woman Calls Wrong Number, Doesn’t Notice for More than Forty Minutes


Earlier this week, Mrs. Susie Berg, 71, attempted to call her friend Mrs. Helen Reimer to catch up on all the latest gossip. She dialed the number and instantly launched into the rather one-sided conversation.

“Helen, have you heard the latest?” said Mrs. Berg to the woman on the other end of the line. “Do you know about Mrs. Klassen’s quilt? Well, Mrs. Wiebe says that Mrs. Klassen’s quilt are greatly declining in quality and the elders are have even asked Mrs. Peters to take over the kindergarten Sunday School class next year. Well, let me tell you. Mrs. Peters is no shape to be teaching Sunday School, let alone kindergarteners, if you catch my drift…”

Mrs. Berg rambled on like this, occasionally sprinkling in a few words of Plautdietsch, for more than forty minutes, before she decided to invite Mrs. Helen Reimer to meet at local bait and tackle/coffee shop for a chat.

“When I arrived, it was Mrs. Helen Wiebe not Mrs. Helen Reimer! Oba, I was embarrassed!” said Mrs. Berg. “I was in quite the panic, thinking, ‘what did I all tell her?'”

Mrs. Berg and Mrs. Helen Wiebe sat politely and sipped their coffee for about an hour before Mrs. Berg decided it was time to go.

“I just didn’t feel comfortable. You can’t trust that Mrs. Helen Wiebe with anything,” said Mrs. Berg. “You just never know who she’ll tell.”

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