Distracted Texting Millennial Accidentally Walks Into Church


While most jurisdictions have enacted legislation to curb distracted driving, the problem of texting and walking still remains. The dangers of such a practice became all too real for area woman Alana Foster, 26, who became so distracted by her phone that she accidentally walked right into the local Mennonite church lobby.

“We’re very happy to welcome Alana no matter how she got in here,” said Pastor Dan. “It was especially exciting since she was the youngest person in the building by at least forty years.”

It took Alana a full twenty minutes before she realized what had happened, but by that time Pastor Dan had already signed her up for a small group.

“I’ve learned to be a lot more careful and look where I’m going,” said Alana. “I don’t ever want to make a mistake like that again.”

Pastor Dan says this is not the first time a distracted walking incident has led young people to his church.

“The Lord leads them here and my job is get them baptized and wearing a kerchief as quickly as possible,” said Dan. “I thank the Lord everyday for the invention of the iPhone.”

Miss Foster, meanwhile, has resigned herself to the fact that she’s a church-goer now.

“I think I’ll keep coming,” said Miss Foster. “The people are pretty nice…and they always text me back.”

(photo credit: Matthew Kenwrick/CC)

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