Pastor to Defer $6800 Per Year in Unusual Arrangement with Local Mennonite Church


Free agent pastor Sharon O. Broesky, a two-way minister who can preach as well as she can baptize, was a hot commodity on the pastoral market this fall and has just inked an unprecedented $7000 a year salary with Fresno, making her the highest paid Mennonite pastor in history.

“More shocking than the massive salary, however, is the unusual structure of the contract,” said Mennonite church watcher Leanne Wiens. “Apparently, she’s going to defer $6800 a year until the year 2034.”

Broesky says she’ll have no trouble living on a couple hundred bucks a year, especially since the church provides her with a parsonage and all-you-can-drink coffee in the lobby every Sunday morning.

“And I really wanted to stay in California,” said Broesky. “Even if it is just Fresno …”

The deferred salary will free up cash to allow the church to sign a secretary, youth pastor, and worship co-ordinator.

“We’re already recruiting folks at FPU,” said Broesky. “If you want a job in a Mennonite church and you’re willing to work for several hundred dollars a year, we’ve got a spot for you.”

The announcement comes just days after false rumours had spread that Broesky was going to land in Kitchener, Ontario.

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