‘Sheeple’ Farm Opens in Southern Manitoba


Agriculture continues to evolve in southern Manitoba. This year, in fact, the branding of people we don’t agree with as ‘sheeple’ has now surpassed cattle and hog farming as the most popular agricultural activity in the area.

“According to Mr. Dueck’s posts on a local Facebook page, the sheeple population in the area is through the roof,” said Ag expert Darryl Driedger. “I mean if Dueck’s estimates are anywhere near correct, I’d say we’re actually overpopulated with sheeple.”

The key to maintaining the thriving sheeple population is for Mr. Dueck to make sure he never examines his own beliefs and biases too closely.

“Always look at your neighbour, assume he’s an idiot, and yell at him in the comment section,” said Driedger. “That’s all it takes it keep the sheeple numbers up.”

A possible over supply of sheeple has sheeple producers concerned as sheeple prices might plummet as a result.

“It appears that anyone who doesn’t agree with Mr. Dueck or repost his memes is a sheeple,” said Driedger. “With numbers like that I really think we’re going to have more sheeple than we need.”

Mr. Dueck says his biggest problem with sheeple is their lack of originality and inability to think for themselves, which is why he persists in defaming others with the highly originally and brilliantly clever term “sheeple.”

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