Mennonite Rock Fans Celebrate 50 Years of ‘Jantsied of the Moon’


Closeted Mennonite rock fans held a clandestine meeting in the back room at Topper’s Restaurant this week to commemorate 50 years of the seminal 1973 album Jantsied of the Moon by ‘Pink’ Floyd Barkman.

“It’s a classic album, what can I say,” said Jake Thiessen. “Of course, it’s even better when you’re high out of your mind on Welch’s grape juice.”

Jantsied of the Moon sold more than 20 million copies, mostly to rebellious Mennonite teenagers who wanted a change from Heischraitja & Willa Honich.

“At the time, there was simply nothing like it,” explained Thiessen. “I listened to that album so often with my Tina at the pits that we nearly wore out my original 8-track. Has it really been 50 years? Na, oba!”

Although the lyrics are often cryptic, ‘Pink’ Floyd Barkman has recently revealed the true meaning of the title.

“I don’t think I have to tell which side is Jantsied,” said Barkman. “That really should be obvious by now.”

While music fans are reminiscing about Jantsied of the Moon, Mennonite rockers are also looking forward to the anniversaries of Led Zeppelin I, II, III, and DCVI.

(photo credit: Brett Jordan/CC/modified) 

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