Mennonite Mom Discovers Hidden Stash of ‘Preservings’ Magazine Under Teen Son’s Mattress


Mrs. Mary Loewen of North Kildonan was just going about her daily chores when she discovered a half dozen copies of the ‘Preservings’ journal underneath her son Adam’s mattress.

“Oba! Looks like we have a historian in our household!” said Mrs. Loewen. “Na, junges! Just wait until your father gets home!”

The journal featured numerous black and white photos of late 19th century Mennonite women with their hands on their husband’s shoulders.

“Ach, and an article about the history of the Chortitzer church yet,” said Mrs Loewen. “Did your grandfather give you these?”

Young Adam confessed he had developed an interest in Mennonite history during a visit to the Mennonite Heritage Village this past summer.

“Please pray for me,” said Adam. “I need help. I’ve even started researching my family tree on Grandma’s Window!”

Mrs. Loewen is very concerned about her son’s interest in Anabaptist history and is prepared to take drastic measures to bring him back into the fold.

“Maybe the pastor can talk some sense into him,” said Mrs. Loewen. “If the Lord doesn’t take hold of him, the next thing you know I’ll be finding back issues of Rhubarb Magazine!”

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