Homeschool Sex Ed Lesson Goes Terribly Wrong


Mrs. Wiens of Taber has been at a loss for how to get through the curriculum this semester. Especially concerning for the young mom of two was the Sex Ed lesson she was supposed to deliver on Thursday afternoon.

Oba, when I turned to page five and saw we were supposed to teach about sax, I just closed the book and broke into tears,” said Mrs. Wiens. “I really didn’t know what to do once.”

Mrs. Wiens considered a number of possibilities including distributing a pair of binoculars and taking a nature walk around the farmyard or playing an old Al Green record and letting them figure it out for themselves.

“I also thought about bringing in Pastor Kjnels. He seems to know a lot about sax,” said Mrs. Wiens. “You should see how many shildren that man has yet. A new one avery year.”

Frustrated with their mother, little Peter and Annie grabbed a handful of crayons, took the book from her hands, and decided they’d do this sax ed lesson themselves.

“I don’t know what the problem is. Mom’s always getting way ahead of things,” said little Annie. “We’re first working on the recorder and eventually we’ll be able to switch over to clarinet or sax when we’re older.”

Mrs. Wiens was relieved to discover it was all just a misunderstanding, but says she’s not looking forward to eight weeks of recorder practice either.

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