Mennonite Man with Pickup Truck Constantly Asked to Help Move


Local pickup truck owner Keith Dueck, 33, is going to be pretty busy this summer moving all his friends to their new homes.

“I’m pretty booked up,” said Dueck. “I guess that’s what happens when you’re the only one at the EMBC church with an F-150.”

Dueck says he doesn’t mind helping people move every weekend, but wishes they’d compensate him a little better.

“Little Caesars? Come on!” said Dueck. “If you’re using my pickup truck, at least shell out for Rocco’s Pizza or something.”

Dueck says he also prefers beer to Papsi and really hopes that Susan had all her crap in boxes before he shows up.

“Ugh, when you ask for my time and my truck, I expect you to be packed and ready to go,” explained Dueck. “I ain’t sorting and labeling your ‘Unmentionables’ box.”

Dueck will be moving the Friesens this Saturday at 9:00 if you want to help out.

(photo credit: Dave_7/CC)

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