Local Phone Book Now Offered Exclusively in Large Print


The annual local phone book will now be available exclusively in large print. The change is seen as a way of catering to the only demographic that still actually uses phone books.

“The town is growing, but the phone book is shrinking,” said one phone book rep. “To pad out the pages we figured we’d just make the print bigger. Plus, no one under 70 uses the phone book anyway.”

Not only is the phone book being used exclusively by the elderly, but it seems to only contain the numbers of the aged as well.

“Who’s got a land-line these days?” said the rep. “The young schnerps all have the new fangled cellular phones and all that.”

The phone book company is hoping to maintain the few users they have by gradually increasing the size of the font every year.

(photo credit: Silver Tusk/CC/modified)

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