Mennonite Man Sucks Down Fifty Sugar Cubes During Funeral Reception


Mr. Buhler, 71, set a new Mennonite record after consuming more than fifty sugar cubes dipped in coffee at the funeral reception of Mr. Kehler.

“You should have seen that man. Sugar cube after sugar cube!” said Mrs. Fehr, who was seating at a nearby table. “I normally stop at ten or twenty, but Mr. Buhler is a real sugar-sucking pro!”

Mr. Buhler claims his record was spurred on by the particularly warm feeling he had for the deceased.

“Some Mennonites consume a lot of sugar cubes at weddings,” explained Mr. Buhler. “But I’ve always been a funeral man myself.”

It’s not known when or why the practice of snacking on coffee-dipped sugar cubes began but historians believe it started around the same time Mennonites started making tomato soup out of coffee packets.

“Sugar cubes in coffee,” said historian Ray Thiessen. “What can I say? It’s a cheap dessert.”

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