Canadian Mennonite Travels All the Way to Belize Just for the Ice Cream


Winkler man Pete Fehr was on a quest this fall for the world’s best ice cream and had to travel 5000 kms south to find it.

“Spanish Lookout, here I come,” proclaimed Fehr as hopped on his Schwinn bicycle and started pedalling for the border. “I tried ice cream in every town I stopped, but nothing could satisfy my itch, so I had to keep going and going further south.”

Fehr eventually found himself in Spanish Lookout, Belize, where he discovered a whole community of people who spoke Plautdietsch and had a penchant for good ice cream.

“I stopped at Western Dairies and knew I’d finally reached my goal,” said Fehr. “Now I just hope this ice cream doesn’t melt on the 5000 km journey back home.”

Fehr plans to pack the ice cream in his Coleman cooler and hope for the best.

(photo credit: Mangrove Mike/CC)

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