Mennonite Man Prays So Long the Food Gets Cold


Mr. Gary Krahn set a new record in Swift Current this weekend by praying a full 2 hours and 15 minutes before the meal this Sunday afternoon.

“Oba, he doesn’t need to preach a sermon,” said wife Maria Krahn. “That’s what we have church for.”

Nevertheless, Mr. Krahn rambled on and on for so long that the food was starting to get cold.

“Diewel, Gary, it’s more than blessed already,” said Mara, nudging her husband. “Wrap it up for once.”

Gary Krahn spent considerable time blessing the borscht, in particular, which he always felt could use a little more dill … and prayer.

“We’ll be lucky if we start eating by 3 pm,” said Maria. “I guess he might as well start praying for faspa while he’s at it.”

Mr. Krahn said he’s sick and tired of being pressured to finish his prayers and will get to the faspa prayer sometime next Tuesday afternoon.

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