‘Hands that Have Prepared It’ Feel Extra Blessed


Mrs. Jansen’s hands are finally starting to feel the effects of having been blessed so often during the years. Thanks to Grandpa Jansen’s rote Sunday lunch prayer, which always included the line, “bless the hands that have prepared it,” Mrs. Jansen has the healthiest hands in southern Ontario.

“The skin is smooth, blemish-free, and without a hint of rheumatism,” said Mrs. Jansen. “At my age, I feel very blessed to have such impeccable hands. They’ll be ‘preparing it’ for years to come, I can assure you.”

Mrs. Jansen’s hands have been cutting carrots, kneading dough, and stuffing sausage for as long as she can remember and they show no signs of slowing down.

“Normally women my age can barely microwave a frozen bowl of green bean soup,” said Jansen. “But with all the blessing my hands have received over the years, I can open a pickle jar without even having to run hot water over it or tapping the lid with a spoon.”

Mrs. Jansen’s blessed hands have also been used in the cover photo of the EMC Ladies’ Cookbook and the Aylmer Quilting Club Catalogue.

“There are women half my age who wish they could have hands like this,” said Jansen. “I can’t complain, though I do wish Grandpa Jansen had prayed for my upper arm flab once in a while.”

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