Mennonite Man Can’t Figure Out What to Make for Supper Tonight


When Earl Dueck was tasked with cooking supper tonight, he initially thought the planning would be easy.

“All I know is it has to be good,” said Dueck. “We are having guests.”

But Dueck found himself frozen with indecision in the canned spiced ham aisle.

“Is it going to be Klik or Spam,” pondered Dueck. “And if Spam, what variety? Maple? Dill pickle? All dressed?”

The dilemma had Dueck stuck in that aisle for a good hour before a store employee took notice.

“Ahh, yes, I’ve seen this before,” said Susan. “The Klik-Spam sweats. He’ll be here for a while.”

In the end, Dueck decided to buy a can of both and mix them together, which apparently was the most gourmet meal ever served in the Dueck household.

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