Mennonite Man Left in Awkward Position After Neighbouring Passenger Falls Asleep on His Shoulder


On a flight from South Bend to New York City this week, local man Arthur Yoder was left in a really awkward position after a neighbouring passenger fell asleep on the Mennonite man’s shoulder.

“I couldn’t remove him, as that would be a violation of my non-violent principles,” said Yoder. “At the same time I really wasn’t comfortable with this man-on-man contact.”

Yoder claims he wiggled his shoulders a bit, but his companion still didn’t wake up. After texting the pastor, Yoder was given strict instructions about how to handle a situation like this from Pastor Hershberger, who instructed him to “let sleeping dog’s lie.”

“That’s all fine and good, but what I really want to know was whether I should tell my wife Sarah,” said Yoder. “I’m not sure she’d like to know that a perfect stranger was sharing space on my shoulder.”

Sarah said she was well aware of the situation from her seat a few rows back, and has already posted dozens of hilariously awkward photos on Instagram.

(photo credit: Edward Simpson/CC)

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