Mennonite Man Insists His Beard is Not a Tribute to Fidel Castro


A Mennonite man is facing considerable scrutiny today for sporting a beard that looks eerily similar to that of recently departed Cuban dictator Fidel Castro.

“It’s just a beard,” said Ben F. Toews of Saskatoon. “I’ve had this thing for years. It’s got nothing to do with Castro. Every Mennonite man has a beard like this. It’s just a coincidence.”

Still, he was unable to walk the streets of Saskatoon without being noticed by both supporters and critics of the divisive Cuban leader.

“What’s with your beard?” shouted one man. “And that green cap yet. Looks just like Castro!”

Toews explained that it was just a John Deere hat he’s had for years. The logo, he claims, fell off after an intense manure-spreading incident in 1991.

“This is all so confusing. I don’t even know who this Fidel Castro fellow is,” said Toews. “And why are all these people calling me ‘Comrade’ when we’re not even frintschoft?”

(photo credit: by Marcelo Montecino/CC)

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