Heretical Mennonite Man Smothers Perogies in Sour Cream


Local man, Abe Sawatzky, 67, shocked a whole table of cousins at faspa on Friday after foregoing the schmaunt fat and smothering his cottage cheese perogies in sour cream instead.

Diewel devil shinda! That man has got to learn some manners,” said Mrs. Wiebe. “Who does he think he is?”

Mr. Sawatzky said he just prefers them with sour cream, and this has had many locals questioning his Mennonite credentials.

“Maybe in Gardenton or Dauphin that kind of thing is acceptable, but in Vinkla! It doesn’t give such!” said Mrs. Wiebe. “I’m reporting him to the elders immediately.”

Mr. Sawatzky has been charged with defacing public property and, if convicted, could face up to seven years drying dishing after faspa.

(photo credit: stu_spivack/CC)

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